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Top 20 Amazing Sandcastles

I am sure we all remember with fondness the days of our youth filling little colored buckets with sand to build sandcastles – until our big brothers (or the school bullies) came along and destroyed them! What fun. Some people were fortunate enough to not have their castles ruined and with all the practice eventually developed a great artistic skill using sand as their medium. This is the top 20 amazing sandcastles!

Sandcastle 20

Sandcastle 19

Sandcastle 18

Sandcastle 17

Sandcastle 16

Sandcastle 15

Sandcastle 14

Sandcastle 13

Sandcastle 12

Sandcastle 11

Sandcastle 10

Sandcastle 9

Sandcastle 8

Sandcastle 7

Sandcastle 6

Sandcastle 5

Sandcastle 4

Sandcastle 3

Sandcastle 2

Sandcastle 1

Credit by http://listverse.com/2008/02/08/top-20-amazing-sandcastles/